Olive & Bee Intimate Cream 55ml

Olive & Bee Intimate Cream 55ml

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100% Natural

ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, preservatives, flavours, colourings or additives. 

100% Australian Made

We source fresh, natural ingredients to make an all-natural, Australian made product.


Made from all-natural ingredients.


Moisturiser, personal lubricant and it even makes a great massage oil!


The perfect blend of olive oil and beeswax.

Why an Intimate Cream?

We have decided to use the term “Intimate Cream” as opposed to “Personal Lubricant”. Firstly, this has less of a sexual connotation, and we feel it makes the purchase easier. Secondly, this product has multiple uses apart from intercourse! Women can experience vaginal dryness or itching from several causes, such as menopause, breastfeeding, and skin issues.

This product is safe to use as a vaginal moisturiser, or for moisturising of sensitive mucosal tissues such as a protruding prolapse. It may be used to help insert a pessary, dilator or even a suppository. In fact it can be used anywhere on the body – we use it as a body moisturiser and heel cream!

  • Personal lubricant for intercourse
  • Intimate Cream for sensitive vulval, vaginal and anal tissues
  • Massage oil
  • Body and face moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Heel balm


Using clean, dry hands, apply product to the required area. The product is not designed to absorb immediately, which increases the lubricating/moisturising effect.
Shake well before use.

  • This product is NOT a contraceptive and has NOT been trialled for use with condoms
  • Store at room temperature

Store at room temperature.
Use within 12 months of opening.


Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Beeswax.