Could it be Worms? Video Presentation by Naturopath Rachel Arthur

Could it be Worms? Video Presentation by Naturopath Rachel Arthur

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This is the conversation we have to have. Enterobius vermicularis aka Threadworm or pinworm, is the most common worm infestation in developed countries. Traditionally incorrectly attributed to poor hygiene in young children, this digestive worm which affects up to 50% of the paediatric population, is frequently under-diagnosed, mismanaged and its impact on the health of a chronically affected individual and their family has been grossly under-estimated.

While over-the-counter worming tablets work for many individuals with a simple case of worms, those that slip through this net, including children, teenagers and adults, can end up with not only serious digestive issues, e.g, appendicitis, rectal abscess, but more commonly infestations in other parts of their body. In the case of women and girls, especially their reproductive and urinary systems leading to a raft of unusual problems many fail to connect back to Threadworm. As the normal worming treatments can't reach these parts of the body beyond the digestive system, the worms continue to survive and thrive, causing a multitude of disturbing health complaints.

Perhaps the most common presentation, regardless of gender and age, is the individual at any age, who experiences terrible sleep and consequently mood and mental problems and they just don't know why!!!

Suspect a case of recurring digestive worms in you or your loved ones and need help breaking the cycle?

This video is a resource you need to recognise, start to resolve, know when you need to reach out to a professional wormwhisperer and take steps to remedy the situation.

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  • Anti-Critter Chondroitin Sulfate 100g - Reduce worm susceptibility
  • Nose Pickers Nasal Spray - Wash out those eggs/larva inhaled or deposited from grubby hands in their nose
  • Bum Barrier - Prevent threadworm from being able to emerge to lay their eggs at night time and reduce irritation
  • Neem Nail Biters - Stop nail biting and break the lifecycle
  • Could it be Worms? - Video download

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