Ariya Purity Neem Nail Biters (25ml)

Ariya Purity Neem Nail Biters (25ml)

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Some studies show that 60% children and 45% teenagers have nail biting habits. Nail biting can be a contributor to threadworm transmission and reinfection.

Neem oil can be used as a natural nail paint.  Applied using a cotton tip and left to dry, it's bitter taste acts to deter children from biting.

Use the complete strategy to keep those worm numbers down

  • Anti-Critter Chondroitin Sulfate 100g - Reduce worm susceptibility
  • Nose Pickers Nasal Spray - Wash out those eggs/larva inhaled or deposited from grubby hands in their nose
  • Bum Barrier - Prevent threadworm from being able to emerge to lay their eggs at night time and reduce irritation
  • Neem Nail Biters - Stop nail biting and break the lifecycle
  • Could it be Worms? - Video download

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