60 Minute Consultation with a Worm Whisperer (Recommended for Family Consults)

60 Minute Consultation with a Worm Whisperer (Recommended for Family Consults)

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This is an online consultation with a qualified health professional. 

Please note that our team is based in Australia and we may be on a different time zone and date to you. Please ensure that you check your calendar so that you take into consideration the time difference. Failure to attend for the confirmed date and time will mean a forfeit of the consultation.

Seeking help from an expert will help you with:

  • Your concerns about your health or the health of a loved one.
  • Identifying whether threadworms are present or not.
  • What treatment to use or information on alternative treatments.
  • What to do if treatments don’t seem to be working

Once purchased, you will soon hear from a Worm Whisperer to arrange a suitable time for a 60 minute Skype consultation. We look forward to helping you with your health needs

Consider adding the complete Whispering kit:

Includes everything you need including the knowledge - in order to get rid of pesky thread worm!

Designed by Naturopath  and supported by the team of biochemists and natural medicine practitioners at Ariya Health, it includes everything you need to prevent infection, reinfection and transmission.

Kit contents:

  • Anti-Critter Chondroitin Sulfate 100g - Reduce worm susceptibility
  • Nose Pickers Nasal Spray - Wash out those eggs/larva inhaled or deposited from grubby hands in their nose
  • Bum Barrier - Prevent threadworm from being able to emerge to lay their eggs at night time and reduce irritation
  • Neem Nail Biters - Stop nail biting and break the lifecycle
  • Could it be Worms? - Video download